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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Muuuuch better

*deep breath*

Last night was 'meet the teacher' night at school.
We all felt a little nervous.
Logan's teacher has been teaching in our town for 33 years.
I always get a bit anxious when I hear of a teacher teaching that long because criminy, I've only been a mom for a little less than 6 years and MY kids drive me crazy sometimes. How can they keep coming back year after year ready to play and smile each day?

We walked in, Logan squeezed my hand a little tighter as we walked up to the teacher together.
She didn't even look at me.
She got down and introduced herself to Logan and talked a bit about how happy she was to meet him finally. He gave her a picture of a rainbow with a pot of gold he made for her just hours ago.
She made him feel like Monet.
He didn't say too much....but I know that will change after day one.
He smiled, listened and added a little nod and 'cool' in there.
Then, we were off to explore the too little classroom in my opinion.
We found his LOCKER. (Was it only me who had hooks all the way through until highschool? I know I went to a private school, but yes, we had HOOKS in 8th grade)
We found the gym and counted 7 basket ball hoops.
We met the principal. (Remember how they taught you how to remember principal was PAL and not PLE? 'Pal'....your principal is your 'pal'....I wonder if they still do that?)

We looked at the lunch menu, something we have been dreading.
We saw things like French Toast Sticks and Mini Corn Dogs on it. That relieved him a bit.

He bounced off looking at everything with this smile in his eyes.

When we got home, we talked about it some more.

What did you think of your teacher? "Awesome"
What did you think of the school? "Awesome"
What did you think of the gym? "Awesome"
What about the playground? "Awesome"

So there we have it's awesome.
He's even letting me take him the first day, just so he can show me how to get to my classroom in case I ever want to come visit.


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