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Thursday, July 12, 2007


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Boys will be Boys I guess...

and it's something I'll have to deal with all of my life.

Our neighbor, 2 1/2 years older than Logan, has been teaching him all about being a boy.
See, Logan was my sweet natured, well behaved little boy for so long.
He didn't pick his nose or say 'fart' or anything boy-like that until this summer.

In fact, we don't even say the word 'fart' in this house. OK, Dave and I do sometimes, but I just didn't think that was what I should be teaching my kid when Logan was young.

Somehow we decided that 'toot' was the word to use. Sounds so silly now, but it is what it is.

Logan and I were in the grocery line when he said, "Mom, J can FART!"


"HE CAN!! I don't know how yet, but I'm practicing!"

"O.......K......" (thinking he doesn't even KNOW the word least I thought.)

Well, needless to say, Logan can FART now. Arm fart. You know, making the 'toot' with his armpit.

I'm so proud.
All day he's 'farting' while laughing his head off at the loud one or the long one.
He thinks he's the coolest boy in the world.

This morning, as the kids were 1/2 dressed I was watching Logan try to teach Miles how to 'fart'.

"Stick your hand here. yeah! Now squeeze your arm REALLY hard down~no HARDER! FASTER! Let me show THIS!"

"too hard......" Miles said, bummed he isn't as big and cool as his brother.

Seriously, you go along with your child not seeing TOO much difference in sexes of children until about 5 1/2 and then boy hood pops out and hits you smack dab in the nose.

3 1/2 months until age 6. Can you believe it?

Those of you with traveling husbands

You know how your husband leaves and you plan on spending the entire week RELAXING and eating easy food and doing all of nothing?

That was my plan this week.

Sure, I had a few things to do, such as take Logan to summer school and a little bit of work, but nothing major.
I stocked up on easy food and was looking forward to the quiet time.
(Well, as quiet as 2 brothers can be)

But then, you know how reality steps in and reminds you that as a mom, a single mom for the week, you are not allowed to nothing.
It all comes at you, boulder by boulder and soon the week is over and not once did you relax.

That is my week.

I've done more in this week than I usually do in 3 weeks combined.

My kids for the most part have been well behaved though, except for some normal kid mistakes. (Such as the time we were at the grocery store and Miles was running up and down the front of the store yelling a loud laugh and Logan was yelling "Miles, HIT Me! HIT ME HARD MILES!!" and of course, Miles does and then Logan crys. It was nice. I got the 'looks' and headed out looking like the crazy mom. It's all good)

So, what's new with us?
Well, Logan is ready to go when it comes to Kindergarten. I know it's only July 12th, but he's READY! He's in a 5 week summer K class (1 1/2 hrs four times/week) and it's just not enough for him.
He's doing well in it too. He adores his teacher, and the feelings are very mutual.
We're noticing some more quirks come out as he's getting more comfortable. Part of his Aspergers. Weird finger movement and placement, tongue sticking out, constant LOUD VOICE. I never told his teacher anything, and I plan on not telling the school unless they have issues with him. I just want him to start on the same clean slate as everyone else. We'll see what happens, and if he needs help, I'll get it for him. Until then, maybe it's just us who notice? I wish someone would be honest with me and tell me if they see abnormalities, but of course my friends who know would all say he's just like their kid. Perhaps he is.
He's grown SO tall. He's SOOOOO tall. (And so very very handsome. Sometimes I just can't help stare at his little face when I am putting sunscreen on and just gush.)

Miles Miles Miles.
Let's just say that Miles has FAAR surpassed Logan when it comes to climbing on playground equipment. I think I know why it took us so long to get pregnant with him. God wanted to send Logan off to Kindergarten when Miles decided that the BIG kid playground was more up his alley. God knew that I'd probably be taking Miles to the hospital multiple times if I wasn't DIRECTLY under her to catch is fearless body as he fell 8 feet to the ground.
And if his future isn't in the circus, he could for sure be a Joker.
He's got more facial expressions than anyone I know. I can't NOT laugh at him when he knows he's in trouble and battles out a stare-down. I always lose. I can't stop the smile that forms.
He eats like crap still, but obviously enough for all the running he is doing. The little bugger is F.A.S.T.
I'm proud of him when we go to Logan's T-ball games and he actually sits for half of it before we can go to the park. That's a long time to sit when there is a park right behind you!

Dave and I are well. We're pretty stressed actually lately, and we could really use a few fruity drinks under a big umbrella on the beach, but that's not going to happen any time soon, so we'll have to hang on.
I'm dying for him to land so we can go get him and I can get a smell of him again.
I have a very good friend having some very real marital problems and it only makes me realize all the more just how lucky I am. I'm so very lucky to have Dave in my life. I need to let him know a bit more, I think.

Other than that, we've been busy as can be. We've even been able to sneak in some boat time quite a few times this year so far. That has been so very nice. You can't work when your on the boat!

Hope you are all well!