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Friday, September 28, 2007

Sleep walking has taken a new turn

Logan has been sleepwalking for the better half of 2 years.

I recall talking to his doctor at his 4 yr appt, but part of me thinks it was his 3 year.
Regardless, it's been a long time.

Some months he sleepwalks every single night. Some other months he won't sleep walk for 2 weeks straight, but then he'll start again.
Every time he goes nights without doing it we think he's done.

Last night I heard some noise upstairs, but it was the season premier of ER and there was only 5 minutes left and REALLY he only walks TO us, so I waited praying Neela wouldn't die! (she's the only reason I still watch). (stop it...I'm not a bad mother)

With 3 minutes left he stands at the top of our stairs (he's fine on the stairs people, no falling) with this goofy grin he only does when he sleep walks and just stares at me, smiling.

I get up to get him back to bed when he tells me that he was just looking for an apple.
An apple.
I lead him to his room when I notice that the floor is wet.
I look around, the room slightly bright from the hall light and notice a swirling pattern around his floor, on his night stand and in the hallway.


He PEED in his sleep. Nowhere near the toilet.

I asked if he had wet underpants and he changed them, all while sleeping. I know for sure he was sleeping because then he crawled into bed, light on, and started snoring.

Dave and I cleaned up best we could, all with his light on while he snored away.

This morning he had no recollection what so ever and was extremely embarrassed by my accusations. Sweet boy.

Now, I did have a party last night, so I can't take the blame of putting him to bed without going to the bathroom. Of course that would have NEVER happened if I were home. ;o)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Two weeks in

So, I realize that I'm basically done blogging.
Here is me giving you permission to just stop 'stopping by'.
I'm dull, lame-o, boring.
But you know what? I'm actually living a full full life and it's a much better thing right now than sitting at the computer all day.

Now that that is done...

Logan has been in school for exactly 2 weeks now.
He is kicking butt in Kindergarten.
Things are going well, teacher is nice (although I have some concerns that I will talk about later) and he's making new friends.
We wondered if we should tell or not tell about the Asperger's. We decided to not tell.
We wanted him to go in and be a kid just like all the other kids and not be analyzed.
We were told by someone who knows who has a kid with autism that it wasn't the right decision, but it was our decision.
What we've seen in the past 2 weeks are some of his issues already popping out.
I'm thinking though that seeing he's only 5 that all the other 5 yr olds have issues as well, right? Perhaps he's not the only one, and he probably won't be singled out for having issues.
If so, we'll deal with it then.

But the thing is, he's not having issues that are major. He's just having issues that are obvious to us.

Let me talk about a few of them.
I decided to follow the bus in the van one morning (he will not let me drive him) just so I could see how the whole morning thing went.
There were a lot of familiar faces in the playground from the neighborhood, and I figured that Logan would be hanging with all the neighborhood boys.
Not really the case.
Logan wandered the playground just amazed at all that was happening.
His mind was wandering, racing at times and other times just gazing.
His friends would initiate play, and he'd respond with a friendly hello or wave, but he'd not step in and play. He was happily overwhelmed, if that makes sense. Completely clueless of the groups of kids playing together. Ready to let him join, but he didn't sense it.

Gym class the first day was about skipping. First, let me say that when you have 2 boys, just just don't skip! You don't! Logan was totally adamant that he wasn't going to skip or even try it. Apparently he gave the teacher a hard time. He told me that he didn't skip because of 2 reasons. 1:he doesn't know how. He's right! He doesn't! It's a motor planning thing, and also because we just DON'T SKIP WITH BOYS! I told him we'd work with him on the weekend and it would be fine! THEN he told me he'd never skip because only girls skip. It was a big deal for him not to do something that girls do. Very strange, I think anyway. I told him that it was 100% OK with me NOT to skip on the playground, but if the gym teacher wants you to skip, you should skip.

Friends. Logan has never had a problem with friends. That is unusual with the Asperger's diagnosis. My theory is is that he knows a lot about things that his peers love and he memorizes them and can roll out any fact or script at any time. This is his 'in'. He also is great with compliments, although he doesn't always know this.
The boys seem to be drawn to Logan. You know how they say when you're dating that if you don't show interest the boy will come.
Logan apparently has to fight off the boys when it comes to lunch.
On Friday he told me it was annoying how 'danny' and 'payton' and 'collin' always wanted to sit by him. "Don't they realize that there are many people to sit with? I don't always want to sit by the same people!" Just when people are forming their bonds, Logan would rather just go from person to person. While that IS great, I also wonder that he is going to miss the whole 'bonding' time and everyone will find their 'it' person and Logan won't understand that.

I now realize that I must tell Logan everything, because when I do it's in his brain but if I don't he won't realize it himself.
The other day was a cool morning, but a hot afternoon.
Logan was sent off to the bus in a light coat. I never told him that he should just put his coat in his backpack after school. When he got off the bus his cheeks were bright pink and his hair was sweaty and his coat was on.
"I never knew I didn't have to wear it if you sent it to me."

So, things ARE going well, but we're also learning as we go!
We know now that he's at a 2nd-3rd grade level in Math, although I don't know really how to approach that with his teacher. I know this by my friends who are in 2nd and 3rd grade. Logan can do their math in his head. It's his skill. The kid can play chess after being told the rules for 10 minutes. SO not my child! It will be an exciting ride!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A great loss

Sometimes you meet people who make an impact on your life, a footprint so to speak.
This is usually a person you admire and respect. A person you wish you could emulate, even if just a little bit.

I met a person just like that last month. A celebrity of sorts in my mind, although I'm sure she would have hated to know that.

I knew about her, know her stories, read up on her life and frequently TOLD her life stories to women who would sit in front of me, feet soaking in her products.

I was drawn to her, as so many people who know her are.
I was excited to be a part of her.

She died today. It was way too early for her to go. She was only 64.

The world has lost a great person, and she literally has changed this world.
What turned out to be a part time fun job has turned into something that changes the way I look at the the world.

SHE changed the way that I look at the world.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

All in a week...

So, let's step back to Tuesday morning, the first day of school.
I was a wreck.
I didn't sleep much the night before because I was afraid I won't hear the alarm. Is anyone else that way? If you know something important is going on that you have to wake up for, you just don't sleep well.
That was me.
Logan woke up at 6:25 rubbing his sleepy little eyes as he told me "10 sleeps down, none to go" (Counting down sleeps is what we do when Dave goes away for work, so we started counting down at 10 days until school)

He was excited! Happy! Ready to go!

After we were all dressed and ready to go, I took a couple pictures of him outside. He then saw the bus go past and insisted that he wanted to be a bus rider. I agreed he could if I could drive him his first day. SO, that's what we did!
We went together, took some more pictures and let him go.
I turned around and the tears POURED out.
My heart ached so much for him, but he wasn't there.
I think I cried most of the day. I know it's silly, but I couldn't stop the tears.

Logan rode the bus home that day and has rode the bus to school and home from school every day since.
The 2nd day I cried just as much as the first day because he hopped on the bus and didn't even look back for a wave. It is good, yes, but it is also hard knowing that he doesn't need me as much as I needed him to need me. I'm a bad bad mom.

Thursday, I cried again...but much less time.
The thing that was so hard was that I didn't know! I didn't know where the bus dropped him off. I didn't know what he did until school started. (He's there for a good 20 minutes before the bell) I didn't know if the big kids were mean to the little kids. I didn't know if he knew exactly where his room was. I know someone would HELP him if he needed it, but I didn't have a picture in my head. I needed to know!

Friday I asked if I could drive him to school, but he really wanted to take the bus. I told him I wanted to stop in the school office, so was it OK if I followed the bus. He told me we were going to have a race! ;)
He won by a long shot as I had to find a parking spot, but it wasn't hard to find him on the playground. In the sea of kids from age 5 to age 12, I found my little dude hanging at the teeter-totters. He was happy to see me, but also kept a bit of a distance. He seemed upset when I offered to help him do something. My heart was a bit bruised, I'll admit.
We wondered around looking at all the energy and excitement. The time flew by.
I loved SEEING it all.
The big kids couldn't care less about the little kids.
There were many aids out there and lots of moms too.
Everyone was well taken care of.
The bell rang, and Logan told me we had to hurry and find his backpack. There were two doors on opposite ends, and he knew which one to go in.
He lead me (hand in hand) through the hall and we only had to turn around 2 times to go the right way. He figured out we were going the wrong way both times and figured out which way to go. He led me to his locker, to his room and showed me how to put his hot lunch stick in the hot lunch cup.
He showed me one more thing before I told him I had to go and that I loved him.
He hugged me and even gave me a quick smooch.

I of course turned around and the tears started, but they didn't last as long as the days before.

I feel better because I see he holds his own.
He's not scared, not even close to crying, and thoroughly seems to be enjoying himself. He IS worn out though and told us on Thursday that he needed 100 days off because he was 100% exhausted. He IS gone from 7:40-3:30 each day, so it IS a lot for a 5 yr old!

The thing that I'm having the hardest time is is losing him.
He is my BUDDY.
It's so funny, but this has been such an eye opening experience for me.
I think back to almost 6 years ago when he was born.
I didn't even really know who I was at the time I gave birth to him.
I didn't know who I was going to be, or what kind of mom I was going to be.
I was just 24 years old and went from being a kid really to being a SAHM.
I evolved right along with Logan. I figured myself out.
He was my sidekick. We did everything together, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him. I love still to this day taking him shopping or out to eat, just Logan and me.
I tell him that spending Logan Mommy time is one of my most favorite things to do. He always tells me it IS his favorite thing to do.

He is just such a big part of myself, my heart, my being that watching him go away is really an adjustment.

Never in a million years did I think that sending off Logan to Kindergarten would be this hard on me, but it has really been one of the hardest things I've had to do.

It's getting easier though, and I think that next week will be my healing point.
I'm finding out a whole lot more about Miles, even in just the last week. He's talking more (because he doesn't have his brother talking over him) and he's more patient. There was not a single scream this week (from the hours of 7:40-3:30) and I must say, that was nice!
Dare I say he's even been a bit easy!

It will be nice getting to know Miles one on one for a chance. It's an odd thing feeling like even though your child is rounding 3 that you really don't get much of a chance to spend one on one time with him. I'll get that now. He'll be my new buddy. I'll have two best buddies.
I'm still going to miss Logan like crazy, but he's starting his life now. I held his hand for almost 6 years, and now it's time to let him see the world without me being there. (yes, I DO realize that this is just kindergarten, but it's not like the days when I went to school!)